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Favorite Things

I could tell you about myself in a bio. I could write paragraphs about who I am, where I live, and where I went to school. But that’s not the most creative method of revealing who I am; novel writers think differently. We aren’t supposed to do things the “normal” way, so I won’t.

I’ll tell you about myself in an ongoing blog post series titled “Favorite Things”:

Season of life: Either when I was in fourth grade; or now, this one, in my fifties.

Season of the year: In Wisconsin, it’s summer. Then fall, then winter. Spring is a distant fourth. Spring in Wisconsin is the “Cousin Eddie” of seasons. You know, the character from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Shows up unexpectedly. Means well but makes a mess of things. Stays too long. Produces few results. Drives everyone a bit crazy in anticipation of his departure.

Time of day: Mornings. Or, anytime I’m on a pontoon boat on a hot day on a Wisconsin lake.

Favorite creatures, listed in order of size. (Note: George Plimpton, one of my favorite writers, had a small-ball theory of sports writing. He claimed that the quality of a book corresponded to the size of the ball used in the sport. For example, there were many great books about golf, some about tennis, fewer about basketball. None about beach balls.) Can the same be said about my favorite creatures? Thankfully, no. Here is the list, along with linked books or entities pertaining to them: ElephantsHorses. DolphinsColliesPomeraniansHummingbirds.

Favorite quote: “It is finished.” Applies both to humanity and novel writing. 

I’ll add to the Favorite Things blog series over time. I would love to read about your favorites. Please send me a note, or post a comment. I’d be delighted to know one of your favorite things.

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