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T. K. Sheffield

Who enjoys writing about themselves? Not many people, writers included. Collective nouns describe groups of things such as a flock of geese or a herd of horses. A little-known fact is that groups of writers are called a procrastination. Combine professional-level delay tactics with writing about oneself, and you get an About page that stays blank for a frightening length of time.

I thought about what to write for this section, then got distracted—another delightful writer’s habit—by looking at pictures on my computer. I found two that work for this page.

In the first, I’m wearing one of my favorite tops. The writing on it says, “Love what you do.” I wear it when I want to be inspired (or whenever I need something soft and long-sleeved, frankly). I bought the top at an outlet mall, and I’ve had it forever.

I knew it was perfect the moment I saw it.   I love what I do.

After many years of other types of writing (press releases, articles, etc.), I finally am penning the mystery novels that have lurked in my subconscious since I first read Nancy Drew. So many authors inspire me: Nelson DeMille, Sue Grafton, Diane Mott DavidsonP.G. Wodehouse, Shakespeare, C.S. LewisGeorge Plimpton, Frank Deford … I’d better stop because I’m distracting myself by reading about them. There are many more current authors, too, I assure you, but the list reflects who has inspired me over time.

In addition to writing, I’m a college educator and over-50 model. I help students (mostly those who are returning to school) learn why critical thinking and writing are important for their careers. I also can indulge in my love of fashion and photography. I work with incredible people and share images that are fun, creative—and reflect that women over 50 with gray hair belong in the fashion and advertising conversation.

In the second photo, I’m with a favorite horse—that’s Bella, isn’t she beautiful? She’s a quarter horse, superb in all aspects, and she’s my favorite color—palomino! Nothing better on a crisp fall day than to take Bella for a trail ride.

If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about it while trotting along on Bella, enjoying the peaceful sights and sounds of the Kettle Moraine Forest.

Thanks for reading about me, T.K. Sheffield. I’ll share more as time goes by on the Bubbles & Fiber, Backyard Model Blog—including how the blog got its name!

Take care,