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T. K. Sheffield

Writer. Model. Mysteries.

Model Wave

Book Two in the Series

In Model Wave, it begins with a romantic date and a turtle sundae. It ends with a businessman dead on his mega-pontoon and more questions than answers in the land of brandy old-fashioneds and fish fries.

Former fashion model Mel Tower travels north for a vacation and a date with a handsome sheriff. Then a thunderstorm strikes and a man is discovered dead on his boat. Did someone kill him—or worse, did his pontoon go rogue and dispatch the fellow? A killer lurks, but like the hodag, the legendary critter of the Northwoods, they may be undiscoverable. Mel leaves no curd, er, stone unturned to preserve her new romance and seek the truth.

If readers enjoy intrigue and a clean, funny mystery, this book is it!
No foul language, sex, or graphic violence.

Model Ghost

Book Three: Coming in Fall ’24

The Devil Wears Prada meets The Thursday Murder Club in this mystery featuring sassy seniors, ghosts—and plenty of cheese! Former fashion model Mel Tower confronts the unfashionable parts of her past in this October mystery at a senior resort in her hometown of Cinnamon, Wisconsin.

During Boo Bash, a week of spooky fun that includes a senior dating competition, a designer is murdered at a charity fashion show. Mel’s cousin is accused of the crime; she must investigate. Like a seamstress ripping out a hem, Mel shreds lies and discovers “unseamly” motives among the it crowd while solving the mystery.

Model Suspect

The First Book in the Series

A frugal fashion model hangs up her second-hand stilettos and returns to her small town to open a business—but then she’s forced into the role of amateur sleuth after becoming a suspect in a murder.

Melanie Tower is done with the drama of New York City and returns to her Wisconsin hometown to open an art mall. At the start of the holiday season—her jewelers’, bakers’, and crafters’ busiest time—a social media influencer is found dead, pinned under a vintage door. Mel immediately becomes a suspect in the holiday mystery because the victim had been recruiting her best artists to open a competing store! Mel embraces her feisty inner Midwesterner to find the “poser” while polka-ing at the Cheese Ball, judging entries in the Devil’s vs. Angels Bake-off, and starring in a hilarious readers’ theater at Midwinter’s Night at the Library.

Model Suspect is The Devil Wears Prada meets a Wisconsin supper club. It’s a Midwest whodunnit, a holiday cozy, a humorous small-town mystery served with a brandy old-fashioned sweet and a side of cheese curds.

Praise for The Backyard Model Mystery series

“Who knew solving a crime could be so much fun?”

Reader Views

“A witty former fashion model turns accidental sleuth.”

Lisa Lickel, editor, Creative Wisconsin magazine

“This author is destined for many great things in the future.”

Midwest Book Review

“Readers will laugh out loud as they try to keep up with Mel Towers witty comebacks, Cousin Lous wild antics, and amusing Dairyland customs.”

Laurie Scheer, writing mentor and media goddess


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T. K. Sheffield

Welcome to my website, home of The Backyard Model Mysteries and other books. My name is T.K. Sheffield and I write mysteries about a retired model who solves murders in her beloved Wisconsin hometown (and sometimes Up North and beyond.)

All of my books are inspired by Wisconsin—and my backyard. My husband and I purchased an out-of-the-way fixer-upper with a fantastic view. On the first day I saw it, I knew it would inspire great stories. I’m an educator, author, and over-50 model with a Chicago agency. I also was born with a “horse gene” and have ridden since I was young. Thus, horses (and dogs) are included in my books.

I’m glad you stopped by; please look at the blog and subscribe to my occasionally distributed newsletter if you care to learn more about my cozy mystery books, favorite things, and life in Wisconsin. Also, I contribute to a blog every month where I offer writing and social media tips.


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Welcome to my blog, the writing space where I share my mystery novel work-in-progress (WIP), writing tips, and my love of my home state, Wisconsin.

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