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T. K. Sheffield

Writer. Model. Mysteries.

T. K. Sheffield

Welcome to my website, home of The Backyard Model Mysteries. My name is T.K. Sheffield, and I write a mystery series about a retired model who solves murders in her beloved Wisconsin hometown (and sometimes beyond.) The series was inspired by my backyard. My husband and I purchased an out-of-the-way fixer-upper with an amazing backyard. I stepped into it and said, “What a great place to tell a story!”

I’m a college educator, a writer, and an over-50 model with a Chicago agency. I also am a horseback rider; I was born with the “horse gene” that never goes away. (Yes, horses and dogs are included in my mystery books.)

I’m glad you stopped by; please take a look at the blog and subscribe if you care to learn more about my books, the quest for an agent, and life in Wisconsin.


INTRODUCING   The Backyard Model Mysteries

The Backyard Model Mysteries puts Wisconsin, the land of fish fries and brandy old-fashioneds, on the page.

To describe the series in one line: A retired model uses her skill at spotting “posers” to solve murders in her beloved hometown.

Bubbles and Fiber Blog: Books and Life from the Midwest.

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog, the writing space where I share my mystery novel work-in-progress (WIP), writing tips, and my love of my home state, Wisconsin.

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Favorite Things

I could tell you about myself in a bio. I could write paragraphs about who I am, where I live, and where I went to

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