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Madison, Mysteries & Moe

I am delighted to say I’ll be chatting with Madison Magazine‘s Doug Moe about books, Madison, and mystery writing. This author event takes place on Tuesday, October 22, 2024, at Mystery to Me independent bookstore on Monroe Street, Madison. SIGN UP HERE. Reservations are encouraged!

What to Expect

I’m so excited to speak with Doug Moe, a Madison, Wisconsin, journalist voted as Best Columnist and Best Author, among many, many other awards. He has written books such as The Right Thing to Do, a a chronicle of the rise of women’s intercollegiate athletics, and a simply fabulous new book titled Moments of Happiness, the story of Mike Leckrone and his time with the UW-Madison marching band. Presale is happening NOW for the highly anticipated book about a Wisconsin legend.

The book chat with Mr. Moe will include giveaways, chocolates, and unexpected discussions. (I write mysteries, so that plot twists are expected, eh?) What I mean is I’ll talk about what it was like growing up during Madison’s tumultuous early ’70s, a time of protests and unrest. It was a hard time for me, a young girl who didn’t understand much of it. Those difficult times inspired me to write funny stories, ironically. The Backyard Model Mysteries are funny cozies, books served with a brandy old-fashioned and a side of cheese curds. They’ve been described as taking a vacation in a book, an idea that I absolutely adore. Who doesn’t want to be taken to a new place while reading?

Sign Up Early!

Please visit the Mystery to Me website to sign up for the event. It’s free, but seating is limited in the bookstore. I’ll be offering signed copies, giveaways, and more. Hope to see you in Madison at Mystery to Me!

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